Saturday, July 4, 2015

Krita- alternative for Sai and Photoshop

Let me introduce this software real quick.Meet Krita,a software where both infamous drawing software;Photoshop and Sai combined together.

You know what I really like about this software,the interface is user friendly.The brushes also almost as smooth as in Sai and we can later edit the picture like in photoshop and surprisingly the software is very light unlike photoshop XD.

and the most important is


PS and Sai already expired?no more worry cause you can always download Krita.
(a/n: i am not their just sharing this with your guys)

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Miza Idgihat said...

Ya Allah akak.. thanks sis sebab recomend software ni.. Hmm i don't know why paint tool sai saya dah tak boleh buka T_________T

Macam rezeki jatuh dari langit je. Jazakillahu khairan akak <3