Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stupid Malaysian Mentality.

Sorry,this post is kinda of rant.Do not read if you cant handle swearing.Haha.Opss

So everyone knows about the incident happened last week where a family were killed in an accident cause by some Myvi driver?Yeah,there is something I wanna tell ya.

I know,the caused of the incident came from the Myvi drivers and everyone was like' 'whatthe heck myvi?' 'i hate myvi from now on' kind of thinkingI dont blame you for thinking like that BUT please I beg you,dont do stupid thingss to the others innocent Myvi driver.

I am one of the victim of this case.I drove my car from shah alam(and yes,im using myvi) and I stayed on the left lane.So far I dont think Im obstructing any cars and then suddenly a car(swift) came closer to me without any signal.I was so panicked like 'what the heck is wrong with this man?Is he sleepy or something?'.It was so close that I think my car will be collide with that stupid car in a few inch.And then,he start to honk me.I was like 'whattttttTT?how come he's the one who honk me?you came closer to my car and you honk me?It is some kind of new trend of greeting others driver'.Yeah on that time I was so densed.And then something hit me!I remember the incident of the myvi and so everything make a sense.Stupid driver!Whatever have my myvi does harm to you you bitching brat!

And that's the story your guys.I dont care if you hate myvi but please dont do any harm to the driver.I read some on twitter where people pour acid and scratch Myvi's.Omg whats wrong with your guys.Please,dont be a douc****g.Thats all from me,kbye.

Myvi's owner


Dea Day said...

Hey there Meg. I totally understand and agree with you. Nowadays people are just looking for excuses to do menace. To me, these kind of people are dim-witted and hot tempered. Deadly combo. All and all, they will pipe down soon. Thank goodness they didn't harm you in any way. We still have law, people..

Miss Xyz said...

takj semua pisang tu busukkk lah. mengarut je perangai cmni