Thursday, June 27, 2013

random shitz is random

Frankly,I dont have any idea what to write i just rambling anything that came out of my mind right now.

Oh,say hi to my new tabby,baby genius easypen 1405x.She's my third daughter and i must say downgrading.
My previous daughter; bamboo is not feeling well.she need to be quarantine for a longggggg time.
And thats why I decide to buy baby genius.
This bby genius is not really genius since the pressure sensitivity always make a problem but hey,who am I to complain to a rm109 worth tablet right?it is expectable anyway..

More than that,it work just ok..I mean,i still can doodling like the drawing above.

haha..finally I ended up rambling about the tabby.It is still more craps than input,but idc.
ohkayh,im sleepy..
im going to bed..

edit:-this bloggy will enter the remodelling phase going to ruin all the template like i wish


BiskOt said...

hi baby genius~ please behave with ur owner yeah.. >.<

ha'ah.. (eceh tolong jwpkan XD). laaa ni juga che pi cari 1.0.9 tu.. =3=

◕ D Y S H A S A H H I R ◕ said...

xpernah ada tablet.. hanya mouse je.. puas kecek hubby tp xdpt gak..hahaha

Firdaus said...

kanvus 54 tablet agak okay, harga pun lebih kurang dengan genius :D

Cikgu Ma said...

akak pon pakai x rajin pon nk lukis..haha

tp dia mmg agak x genius mana...