Thursday, April 12, 2012

Im so happy TTuTT

mmg kecik gambar ni..hehe <3

So many happen this a suprise latebirthday unexpected souvenir from Korea and many more.We went to karaoke at Greenbox Sg.Wei and that's the moment where they trick me easily..Owh,how blank and blur I am.However,it make me so happy.Thanks my kingy!Your guys rock!

For my birthday,my mom gave me a watch.She told me that with my new watch hopefully I'll be more punctual.How sarcastic XD

And yesterday,she gave another suprise.I got Infinite-Paradise...ohmeegod...and it was originally from Korea.The things is,my mom actually not-so-into-our-kpopie-fangirling-world and then when she bought it I just O_________________________O

See,how delighful I am? XD
thats all for today.. :P

my Jiji holding the watch.


(p/s:- I still thinking what to give for freebie....and yes,thanks alot MIJ for reviewing my notsocool blogshop. I appreciate it alots~X)


Liselle MonCherie said...

Wow Lucky you!!! Hehehe you must be an awesome girl to have this suprise party :D enjoy your cool gifts then^^

wani ★ mis0pink said...

kek tu nampak sedap. wuwuwuwuw~ nak jugak~~~~ ;n;

Fatin said...

mak akak g korea ke? perghh...bestnya dpt hadiah korea daripada mak.Best dapat mak yg faham apa yg kita minat

merahitujambu said...

geram la dgn full felt doodle tu..haish..x reti nk buat..

Mr. Doctor said...

Fuhhh! solong Wani! Emm.. Err.. Nak pi kedai kek gak esok! Walaupun bday lambat lg :P

Syarafi[skyforce331] said...

pergh!! sangat2 :D