Monday, March 19, 2012


so this is all my drawing of my friend

7 years ago drawing
my very2 good friend!!!
from left:-sue,fazi,me,lulu and tieka(kinda lost contact =.=)

2 years ago
my PLKN best buddy!!
from left:- Lai bendan,Kho Elaine,Chwah,Anis and the below one,me!

1 year ago
My Best Uitm Roomates!!
no need to mention name X)

haha,my drawing style keep changing :D


a.s.m.a said...

jeles tgk orang yg pandai mlukis + pandai buat doodle ni hihi

keri ikhwan said...

Cntik cara lukis rambut tu. ohsem

nur anis said...

suka tengok doodle mata bulat besar macam tu...cute...

fazillatul najla said...

pndai nyer lukis doodle..
gna software ape yer??